Excel in Google Spreadsheet


Data Tools is aimed to provide a fast and easy to use set of tools for Google Spreadsheet. These are stuff you are used to in Excel…


These are the stuff you are used to in Excel and wish they would exist in Google Spreadsheet.

The current version provides:

  1. Remove Duplicates.

  2. Text to Columns.

  3. Get Link to Spreadsheet: the name of the spreadsheet will be the text and clicking on it will get you to the spreadsheet itself. You can paste it to your email or anywhere else you are interested in.

  4. Text Manipulation: changes text in selected range to Lower Case, Upper Case or Camel\Proper Case depends on your selection.

  5. Concatenate Selected Cells to Text: choose the delimiter and wrapping of every value. Really convenient to use in order to convert values to IN Sql Statements.

Coming Next:

  1. Goal Seek.

  2. Dates Manipulation.

  3. And more !


Feel free to rate, add feedback and send over ideas\requirements for additional tools you need.